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May 22, 2018:  Barely a few weeks after signing an agreement with Zygoz Equity Partners to work with the Company on the funding of its NovaVolt solar solution for small remote communities and villages, Novateqni (NTQ) has signed its second Long Term Service Agreement (LTA) with the United Nations for turnkey solar power solutions and high efficiency appliances for the UNDP’s ‘Solar for Health Initiative’.  

The UNDP’s ‘Solar for Health Initiative’ supports governments in Africa and other countries with the goal of increasing access to quality health services. Through the installation of Novateqni’s proprietary solar energy systems, constant and effective availability of electricity to health service providers that are not on the grid, will now be possible. 

Gerhard Myhardt, CEO of NTQ made the following statement: “We now have an even bigger opportunity, following our initial LTA as a selected supplier by the UN for the NovaVolt solution.   This second LTA with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is for turnkey solar power solutions and high efficiency appliances in support the UNDP’s ‘Solar for Health Initiative’.  Novateqni’s solar power solutions for health facilities are designed to provide the reliable electricity needed for these facilities, but also to power the other equipment such as blood pressure monitors, infrared thermometers, blood oximeters and field blood analyzers which are vital to providing healthcare professionals with clinically correct blood diagnosis.

The UNDP’s Solar for Health initiative supports governments in Africa and other countries with the goal of increasing access to quality health services through the installation of solar energy systems that enable constant and effective availability of electricity.  Across the world more than 1.2 billion people still do not have access to electricity, more than half of those people live in Africa. The World Health Organization estimates that one in four sub-Saharan health facilities in Africa have no access to electricity. A further, real concern has been that only 28% of health facilities and 34% of hospitals have access to reliable electricity.  

In winning this second LTA, Novateqni’s solutions now cover a range of solar power systems with storage capacity from nano scale 20 watt units to 11 kilowatt hour systems.  Novateqni line up of solar power systems will also include a portable power unit that enables mobile health professionals to have electricity available during visits to communities that don’t have readily available electricity.

In order to prepare for the LTAs and the roll out of its solar power solutions, NovaTeqni proposes to complete a non-brokered private placement (the "Private Placement") of units ("Units"). There is no minimum subscription for the Private Placement and a maximum of 15,000,000 Units will be issued at a price of $0.10 per Unit for gross proceeds of up to $1,500,000. Each Unit is comprised of one common share in the capital of NovaTeqni and one-half of one common share purchase warrant. Each whole warrant will entitle the holder to acquire one additional common share in the capital of NovaTeqni at a price of $0.15 per share for a period of one year from the date of issuance of the warrant.



Zygoz Equity Partners Inc signs Agreement with NovaTeqni Corporation

Zygoz Equity Partners is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with NovaTaqni Corporation,  a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV:NTQ, OTCQB:NVTQF).  The Agreement basically covers, the right to invest; assistance in capital raising; development of strategy; identification of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

NovaTeqni has developed a new blockchain-based solar power solution

The NovaVolt system addresses a significant, real need for hundreds of millions of people who do not have electricity. The solution enables even the poorest households to obtain electricity, without an upfront investment.

There is a huge un-served market in developing countries.  A December 2017 article in the Washington Post headlined “1.3 Billion are living in the Dark” highlighted the urgent need for electricity in the developing world. According to research conducted by the Washington Post in 2017, there are 1.3 Billion people who do not have access to electricity, of which 622 million live in Africa.

The NovaVolt system will empower entrepreneurs to service villages and remote settlements by setting up nano- and micro-grids to sell electricity on a consumption or rental basis.

The Company has received its first order through the United Nations Development Program, to initially supply NovaVolt systems into four African countries. Specific configurations for clinics, schools and small retail outlets will commence in Q3, 2018.  Retail outlets in these countries will be enabled to offer other first-world, online services such as mobile money wallet top-up and airtime sales, in addition to pre-paid electricity.

Through the use of blockchain technology, NovaVolt system owners/operators on nano- and micro- grids that have generated excess credit and capacity, will be able to sell their over-generated electricity to other NovaVolt owners, and also to transfer credit directly from their system to other NovaVolt owners who may not have credit available.

Gerhard Mynhardt CEO of Novateqni, stated “This is a big step forward to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people and a huge opportunity for our Company. Since we have the best and most cost-competitive solution available, we expect we will win many more contracts of this kind.”

Brian Harris, Managing Partner at Zygoz comments “We are delighted to engage with NTQ. Their research and development led by CEO Gerhard Mynhardt, is world class.  They have a very valuable IP portfolio.  Our first task is to help the Company access sufficient capital to support of the NovaVolt rollout program and to work with them to establish key partnerships with telecommunication companies, government departments and other organizations.

About Novateqni

NovaTeqni is a technology-based company that is focusing on biometrics and fintech. Using its management experience and fully-developed intellectual property, NovaTeqni provides solutions and products for voter validation, voter registration, financial transactions and biometric solutions. Using its platform of products, NovaTeqni can provide clients with custom solutions for their particular industry. NovaTeqni has corporate offices in Calgary, Alberta, sales offices in Norfolk, Virginia, development in Johannesburg, South Africa and manufacturing in Hong Kong. 



Zygoz Equity Partners  finalizes Investment Terms with Urban Vertical Farms

Signs Funding Agreement  for purchase of land and construction of its first environmentally responsible, vertical greenhouse  growing facility near Toronto, Ontario.

Vancouver, British Columbia, :  Zygoz Equity Partners Inc (‘ZEP’), is pleased to announce that terms have been agreed whereby ZEP and its Network Affiliates will provide a $6 million secured loan to Urban Vertical Farms Inc., (‘UVF’).

UVF owns the rights for the Affinor Growers (“AFI”), proprietary vertical growing system for the Province of Ontario.  The patented vertical agriculture technology grows fresh, non-GMO, vegetables, berries and herbs, without pesticides or dangerous chemicals, and with near zero water waste. 

The funds will be used for the purchase of land and construction and working capital for Phase One of its first environmentally responsible vertical greenhouse installation.  The 45,000 sq ft facility will house sixty, 10-level towers growing approximately 38,400 ‘nature perfect’ organically grown strawberry plants that can be picked daily and delivered fresh to major grocery chains in the Toronto area. 

Locally grown ‘nature-perfect ‘strawberries that are 100% organic, nutritious, flavorful and pesticide free using technology that supports an environmentally sustainable future.

Brian Harris, Managing Partner at ZEP says, “UVF is a perfect example the type of company we want to invest in.  It has assembled an impressive management team for the business, field tested the system and has clients for its products already lined up. It will cash flow from day one, has great margins with huge demand in Ontario alone.

On top of that UVF is in negotiations to expand into the UK and India and our international partners really like this.  And because we will have a sizeable equity position in the business, we intend to scale the business quickly to take full advantage of the market opportunity.” 

Brian Harris
Zygoz Equity Partners Inc
Tel: 1 778 846 2335

Jerry Stefaniuk
Urban Vertical Farms Inc
1 604 218 4221

Farming comes to town !


“Urban farming is the future of agriculture” says Patrick Caughill (Future Society). 

It is such a beautifully simple idea – turning greenhouses on-end, and making them into multi-story ‘Sky Farms’! And then bringing them to town … is simply brilliant!

Hunger is, increasing – even though we are growing more food than ever. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cities as urban populations explode, with urban communities finding themselves facing shortages and limited access to affordable healthy food.

 But all that is changing, as farms, literally, come to the city.

 New technologies, such as Urban Vertical Farms, are demonstrating that it is not only viable, but also more profitable to grow fresh produce in the city, rather than miles away in traditional farming communities.

 According to a spokesperson for Zygoz Equity Partners (ZEP), “In Canada and the US, it is not just the commercial farmers, but anyone with a small space, who are ‘rising to the occasion’, and moving to urban agriculture”. Zygoz is focused on financing innovative and emerging technologies, ‘helping people and the planet’.

Urban farms are now a rapidly growing aspect of city life, growing anything from lettuce, spinach, herbs and other hi-margin food such as strawberries. And because farmers can control the environments for specific crops, using cubic rather than square meterage, it is far more productive. Plus achieving savings in the cost of transport and the environmental impact and wastage factors of traditional farming.

In addition, the ‘twinning’ of vegetable farming, and fish farming (where the same water is circulated between the two), allows the fish waste to be used for plant fertilisation in a closed loop system. (Aquaponics).

 The vertical farm is also environmentally-friendly. Characterised by greater efficiencies, less waste and less land utilisation … vertical farming has the potential to change the way we feed our cities. Certainly it is not suitable for maize or pumpkin cultivation, but it is an important part of mitigating the environmental cost of traditional farming methods. 
For that reason it rates high on the list of emerging technologies that Zygoz Equity Partners supports, as demonstrated by its very first project for Vertical Urban Farms.

Indeed – the sky’s the limit!


11 April 2018

We are delighted to announce the following appointments to Zygoz Equity Partners.


Our member-investors will get the news first hand, and be able to see their contributions in action. They will know about projects that are being financed by Zygoz Equity Partners, and about new developments as they happen.

Making Earth Green Again

There is only hope for the future, if good people everywhere invest at scale in ‘making our Earth green again’.

This is at the heart of our vision for the future. We fervently believe that in addition to our Network of Partners, there are thousands of men and women everywhere, who are ready and willing to become partners and investors with us. In this way we are supporting technologies and innovation to reverse ecocide and to secure a sustainable future for humankind and all living things.

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