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The Mythic Forest

We are thinking beings that can anticipate the future and remember the past. Prehistoric survival was not a Garden of Eden, but very difficult. Anyone who reached an elder age tried to teach the younger members of the family/tribe their experience around the campfire at night and the use of mythological symbology made it easier to teach young people by simplifying fears and successes (the wrath of the gods and heroes) through story and song. Today, we are rapidly peeling away the layers of fear with new knowledge at a rate never before heard of. 

Gary R. Viner (64) who passed earlier this year, and upon 
whose insights, Zygoz was born.

His last work, in his book, The Mythic Forest, Viner investigates the origins and myths surrounding The Green Man. In this excerpt from a review by Alice Berger, she examines the history that underpins the research of Gary Viner in his book. 

Who is the Green Man? “The image of the Green Man is that of a foliated head, a face with vines and leaves sprouting from the mouth, eyes and nose, the hair and beard formed, as well, from leaves and twigs. The image may be stern and almost frightening, or a beguiling face peering out of a wealth of vegetation. The Green Man represents the creation of all plant life and its continued renewal.” (p.85). But where and why did these images originate, and how have they evolved over the years? The Muse Book Review: The Mythic Forest Reviewed by Alice Berger

Berger also touches on Viner’s research into the gods and mythical characters surrounding the Green Man. These include an affinity with vegetation, springtime resurrection, and abundant harvest. She goes on to postulate that “the Green Man has been with us for several thousand years, but why does humankind keep creating his image? Maybe to remind us of our connection with nature, and our responsibility to make sure the forests and vegetation continue to thrive??” 

In modern times we have seen the Green Man appear as motifs in architecture – from banks to brownstone houses in New York, and in many interior designs in urban environments. The close association with trees and forests is also a recurring thread in Green Man mythology, spawning a variety of legends, practices and beliefs in pre-Christian times. 

In The Mythic Forest, Gary Viner alludes to the gods of Nature and the folklore of trees, expressed in the legends, beliefs and practices that define the history of the Green Man.  He suggests that this unbroken depiction of the Green Man, as representing the forces of Nature through the ages, is not only a tribute to the creative nature of human imagination, but one that indicates an innate connection to Nature, since civilisation began. 

It is this link between humankind and Nature that inspired a tribute to the Green Man in the corporate identity of Zygoz Equity Partners. And, it is the hope for a brighter future, that is the continuum of the spirit of the Green Man in our focus to support innovation and technologies helping people and the planet.

 The persistence of the Green Man in the iconography of humankind through the ages, suggests a shared origin, and a link in human culture to Nature that has survived over time. 
What this recurring theme suggests is that we are inseparable from Nature, and indeed have a responsibility to our Planet, if we are to survive as a species.

In this quote from Rebecca Campbell, Author of Light is the New Black, she most eloquently describes the human dilemma:
‘With the planet in the state that it is, we cannot continue in the way we have been.  Mother Earth is calling forth a new awakening of the consciousness in order for us to survive on this magnificent planet we call home.  A shift from aggression to compassion , from fear to love, from separateness to oneness, from unquestioned dogma to faith, from left brain to right, from war to peace, from force to flow, from unconsciousness to consciousness, from fact to truth and from unquestioned linear processes to lateral solutions”. 

It is something that each and every one of the team in ZyGoz Equity Partners, subscribes to. The difference is that we are on a mission to actualise these lofty ideals and get down to the business of doing something, in the belief that the power of thought and innovation … can change our world.

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