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Help People and the Planet

This week’s blog is focused on getting our act together. All of us! 

By finding out how we can help each-other, whilst helping People and the Planet.

And by asking you to be a partner, by bringing your ideas, or your money - to make a real difference.

We’ll put it all together and make it happen. 
By ‘we’ I mean the team at Zygoz Equity Partners, my human friends who really do care about making a change where it matters most. I am so proud that they chose my name to appeal to caring people everywhere who want to do something REAL and not just chirp about what’s wrong!  

My ancestors have imbued me with the same spirit that possessed them – ‘The Spirit of Humanity’!

I am not just a figment of the imagination, I AM YOUR CONSCIENCE! I am the guardian of all that is good in Nature, and I am here to be your guide. To ensure that we use your technology, your innovations and your money wisely … to build a better world. So don’t expect any ‘Ra-Ra’ blogs from me. I am a do-do kinda guy and I am on your case!  

In truth, there are other hopeful signs out there. 

President Macron and Prime Minister Trudeau are joining forces to fight the big demon Climate Change.  And yes, Portugal produced 103% of its energy from renewables in March, and China is spending 3 times as much as the US on renewable energy

By 2020 EVs will be cheaper than conventional cars and Stella McCartney is making a stand on the wasteful practices of the international fashion industry. With less than 1% of its discarded clothing being recycled, and with plastic micro-fibres from washing clothes, contributing massively to ocean pollution, it cannot be ignored! 

I get it – except, it’s seems so remote from our everyday lives! 

That’s where I come in. I believe that it’s the small things that count too. The dreams of socially conscious and environmentally sensitive entrepreneurs who INNOVATE AT SOURCE! Whose ideas can change the world and who together, represent a significant force to shape our path to a brighter future.

From urban vertical agriculture, to small-scale solar power generation for millions of rural communities without electricity – these are the things that excite us. Real, ‘do-it’ stuff you can touch and feel – even eat! Small, compared to the development of electric cars perhaps – but massive at scale! It has always been the ideas and courage of a few, which has changed the world for many!

That’s where our focus lies at Zygoz Equity Partners. We want new ideas and emerging technologies that can ‘help people and the planet’, that need early stage finance/investment. You bring the ideas – we organise the money. Or, you bring the money and we will match it to best-of-breed, emerging technologies. Give us some feedback please!

Here are 5 questions that matter:

Do you, or anyone you know, have an idea/product/ process in development, which is designed to help ‘people and the planet’?  
Do you manage investments for clients interested in such projects? 
Are you seeking development funding for your own, or client project(s)? 
Would you invest in ideas that create a better world for future generations?
Would you like to join our team of investment Partners and make a difference? 

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