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The Mythic Forest

We are thinking beings that can anticipate the future and remember the past. Prehistoric survival was not a Garden of Eden, but very difficult. Anyone who reached an elder age tried to teach the younger members of the family/tribe their experience around the campfire at night and the use of mytholog…

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Help People and the Planet

This week’s blog is focused on getting our act together. All of us! 

By finding out how we can help each-other, whilst helping People and the Planet.

And by asking you to be a partner, by bringing your ideas, or your money - to make a real difference.

We’ll put it all together and make it happ…

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Renowned author and speaker Chris Eisenstein says that:

“The healing of our planet will not come without love for our planet. It certainly won’t come from technological solutions that seek to more competently deploy resources and manage consequences. That is the path toward biofuel plantations,…

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