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From tree-planting to aero-taxis, drones are an example of how technology is re-shaping our world

Zygoz Equity Partners Inc.

Investing in Emerging Technologies helping People and the Planet


Zygoz Equity Partners is made up of visionary men and women with decades of successful business experience on an international level, who have joined together, to invest in change – in a sustainable future. Our key requirement is that it is either a technology or innovation, helping people and the Planet.

The potentials in synthetic biology, food-tech and alternative energy are already changing the world. However, Zygoz Equity Partners doesn’t limit its investments to any specific verticals. As long as there is the potential to create substantial businesses and processes that address the big issues confronting humankind, we are ready to participate.

Zygoz Equity Partners is focused on early-stage investment opportunities – first round funding in emerging technologies and innovations, and where necessary, second round as well. 

We typically like to see at least a product or process, fully functional, and ideally some market validation before we get involved. We also have the capability to facilitate a public listing should that be required.


Now, like no other time in living memory, we need to demonstrate our humanity, and invest in the future to ensure a sustainable world. ‘Investment with Purpose’ best describes our philosophy. Important emerging technologies, innovations and ideas, that can facilitate a brighter future, is where our heart lies. 

In addition to funding, our worldwide partner network provides professional services to promote the widespread adoption of the projects we invest in.


We like entrepreneurs that are determined, passionate, smart, creative - charismatic leaders that can recruit and inspire talented employees - and evangelize the company to customers, the media, governments and the public. To literally – change our world!

We're entrepreneurs ourselves. Together, we've founded companies that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars and employed thousands of people.

 We invite you to walk with us to a bright new future.